Introduction to Martial Arts

Martial arts is an array of self-defense and combat sports that mainly originated from three major countries: Judo and Karate from Japan, Kung fu from China and even Korea with its Taekwondo. In recent years, other countries have also tried to develop their own martial arts styles but all of them trace their roots one way or another to the three major nations. For example the Muay Thai which originated in Thailand uses similar combat tricks that can be traced to Japan's Karate. Martial arts has played a vital role in development and expansion of sports in that it is from martial arts that we have seen emergence of sports like fencing and boxing.

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The Importance of Self Defense

With proper realistic martial arts training, one can get the relevant skills needed to defend oneself from aggressors like roadside pickpockets and even in school small children can learn to stand up for themselves against bullies.

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Engaging in martial arts requires rigorous body conditioning in order to keep fit. Kids joining martial arts at a young age have some fitness standards enshrined in them and they tend to carry on their fitness routine even to the adult life.

Where there is good physical fitness due to engaging in martial arts, one can surely keep diseases associated with laziness at bay. High blood pressure for example. If you stay active through martial arts, congested arteries due to the accumulation of cholesterol will start to decongest, aiding in proper flow of blood.

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Recent Case Study

The Joy of Martial Arts - Just imagine wearing protective gear to wrestle your friends on a well-padded ground.

The longest martial arts fight in history lasted for 3 hours and 42 minutes.

85% of martial artists in the USA are kids under the age of 15 years old.

Get Positive

If you want to lock away the negative energy and embrace positive energy while appreciating what the world has to offer then martial arts training is the right place for you.

Full Body Workouts

To face opponents of all sizes and evade their advances to you defense, martial arts will give you strength conditioning while standard training for Judo will instill flexibility and agility.

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Get Strength, Power and Flexibility

It is always good to encourage kids from a young age to join martial arts since this is when their bodies have incredible muscle memory. There is a common saying 'it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks', so get it today!